Mediating against the effects of mental illness.

How to survive the subconscious messages of the world.


A Holistic Approach Benefits Clients

The client will find with time, they are immensely grateful that this approach was taken.

They will resume their normal activities once again, feel joy and happiness and their depression

and obsession with food and diet will lift. They will again lead a normal life if they follow this

program and protocol.  Many people have experienced this and I assure you that it can be done.

This website allows that a person must have a high metabolism to ingest the amount of food

necessary to maintain health.  This prevents overweight and reassures the client that they

will be able to eat all the necessary nutrients. 

With any disease or condition there are many emotions attached to both sickness and wellness.

We feel guilt when those we love suffer unnecessarily, and to have that guilt continue for many

years erodes the fabric of relationship and health in those around eating disorder sufferers.

Some of these children have tragically died from the condition, etching the guilt into lines of grief.

When there was nothing that could be done to save a dying child, the pain is very deep in a

parent’s soul. Even if you have waited a long time to hear these words,

I would exhort you not to give up right now.