What is the hospital system like today and how are patients with mental illness treated?

Our interventions are structured around providing the individual with a holistic team

so the outcome will be the most successful. We attempt to give the person a new

framework based on health and nutrition so they can recover and maintain their recovery

without relapse.


Rainbow Program Interventions

Holistic Vision Canada has a toll-free hotline for holistic interventions. We are the holistic

alternative to mental health and prescribe natural supplements based on our orthomolecular 

framework, under the International Society of Orthomolecular Medicine (ISOM). 

These are from the company Advanced Orthomolecular Research, and are based on the latest


We communicate our program, based on color-based medicine and good nutrition

to create a new framework for the person. We help create a holistic team for them which

could include a psychiatrist or doctor, naturopath, nurse, nutritionist or dietitian, physiotherapist,

and counsellor or psychologist.


Reducing metabolic byproducts that are toxic

 Vitamin therapy

 Herbs and other medicinal remedies