Colour Based Program

As there are many different forms of healing available, there should be a common language

between them. The Rainbow Program provides this common language with a program that

crosses language and cultural barriers, teaching nutrition and healing principles that can apply

to anyone regardless of their disease or condition. It gives the possibility of finding wholeness

by the integration of a spiritual, intuitive element to medicine.  This program is based on an

intuitive, spiritual element that allows each patient the right to recover based on a healing

colour approach. Colours are provided as wavelengths through healing foods, herbs

and essential oils.

Global wisdom is necessary to bring healing to the largest number of individuals, to make

healing a priority and to provide individuals in impoverished countries and cultures the way

back to health. It is necessary to give access to natural healing to nations of the world where

naturopathy is almost non-existent, and to gain access to every country of the world through

Holistic Vision. To duplicate this program worldwide it is necessary that we have an approach

in common that can be shared through this site. It is necessary that this program be shared in a

way that is simple to understand, and it is necessary that it be successful. 

In this program foods, herbs, and essential oils are color categorized so they can be used

most effectively. We also teach practitioners and patients that they can be diagnosis-free.

Meaning, they can now use the Rainbow Program and receive an RP diagnosis instead

of a disease diagnosis. This is revolutionary on the world of medicine because it allows

natives to function in a community where their sanctity and spiritual right to holistic healing

is validated even on a medical level. They can use The Rainbow Handbook section at their

doctor or counselor’s office and receive photocopied handouts for any condition they suffer

from as well as information on foods, herbs or essential oils.

This program makes provision for a natural psychiatry, where patients can receive

an addendum to the standard psychiatric care. They can use the Rainbow Program to

facilitate health on every level and restore their color spectrum. This can alleviate

depression as well as every other psychiatric illness if given a chance. Color is deficient or

imbalanced where there is disease, and needs to be restored.