The Basis For This Program

The human cell is the smallest unit of the body, and the smallest indicator of human health

and therefore life. It is a measure that we cannot ignore. What is poisonous to the human cell

is poisonous to the entire organism. What builds the cell to health, builds the entire body. 

The primary basis for this program is the idea of the components of the human cell having

power to influence the spoken word and thus communication. It describes the working of

cellular components and how we must consume certain nutrients to build the cell.

This working cell is the powerhouse of the human body, creating energy, function and power

for healing, repair, and restoration. When the human cell has power to communicate,

it can correctly identify what it is, what it does, and whether it should be destroyed by the

immune system. When this process breaks down, we have what is termed

“an auto-immune disorder”. When the process of communication breaks down in society,

we have anti-social behaviors, miscommunication, and negativity. When this process of

communication breaks down between nations, we have wars, famines, and nuclear disasters.

All these can be corrected by going back to the balance of the human cell and its component.

A very important component, perhaps overlooked until now is that which I term “essential”

for life, and necessary for daily consumption. It is the “essential” saccharide

and polysaccharide, named EGN's or Essential Glyco-Nutrients

(named by Emily Isaacson, nutritionist).